Beet Burgers


These are my favourite vegan burgers! Gluten free, healthy and full of flavour! Made without any flour or breadcrumbs. I know I already posted a few recipes with beetroot (like this beet hummus and strawberry beet nice cream), but here’s another one! Continue reading “Beet Burgers”


Stir-Fried Basmati Rice With Asparagus and Nori


My fridge is more or less empty these days. I had exactly one carrot, less than a handful of asparagus, small (but perfectly ripe) avocado and some plain leftover rice. Continue reading “Stir-Fried Basmati Rice With Asparagus and Nori”

Golden Milk Oatmeal


You’ve probably heard about golden milk and its health benefits before. There are actually quite a few different recipes for it, but basically, Continue reading “Golden Milk Oatmeal”