Sour Cherry Oatmeal With Mango and Shredded Almonds


I’m one of those people who prefer sour cherries to normal sweet cherries. Today, instead of making sour cherry smoothie (like I did three days in a row before), I made some warm sour cherry oatmeal and added fresh mango for sweetness and shredded almonds for crunchiness and proteins. To make the oatmeal even sweeter (without using any refined sugar), add a few chopped dates or a few drops of date syrup. It tastes amazing! đŸ™‚



Sour Cherry Oatmeal With Mango and Shredded Almonds

Seves: 2


1 1/2 cup oat milk (or any other plant-based milk of choice)
1 1/2 cup oats
1 Tbsp coconut oil
1/2 cup sour cherries
1 ripe mango
1/2 cup shredded almonds


In a pot, heat coconut oil, add oats and milk and cook for a few minutes, stirring constantly. If you have frozen sour cherries, add now and cook for about two more minutes and if they’re fresh, add in the end. Transfer the oatmeal into a bowl, add shredded almonds and top with sliced mango. Enjoy!


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