Mixed Salad with Tofu


Yesterday a good friend of mine brought me some spinach, rocket and spring onions from her garden. So today’s dinner was salad! đŸ™‚

This salad is super delicious, healthy, rich in vitamins and minerals an packed with proteins. It will keep you full for hours! Daisies (or any other edible spring flowers) make this salad look pretty and give it the special taste. Combine with greens, radish, tofu and beans to get a filling meal. If you have a chance, try to get organic veggies and tofu. Continue reading “Mixed Salad with Tofu”


Nori Coated Tofu


There are many vegan seafood dishes, that have somehow fishy taste, especially when there is seaweed involved. This nori coated tofu is one of them. Continue reading “Nori Coated Tofu”

Vegan Sushi Bowl


This brown rice sushi bowl was seriously heavenly! If you are too lazy for wrapping and rolling (like I am), but you are still craving some sushi-like flavours, try this vegan sushi bowl instead. Continue reading “Vegan Sushi Bowl”